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PRIDE and joy - Pride month 2022

Pride month is June, here in the UK, and I think weddings venues know love in quite a special way. We see and meet so many beautiful couples (inside and out!) so we get a unique view on this topic...

Pride month has a different meaning for different people, every person and opinion is formulated by a web influences and emotions. But for us it's pretty simple, love is love. It should be celebrated in all of it's wonderful shapes and forms and never segregated. This annual, month long, celebration is coming to an end now but it gives time to pause and acknowledge the here and now, the future and also encourages us to take a minute to acknowledge the past and how far society has come in it's ability to accept differences.

Here at The Manor Barn we welcome all people to celebrate their love with their friends and family in a way that is special and specific to them. Our drive is to create a venue where ALL couples can plan their dream day with no fear. No fear of discrimination at any stage.

After a change in the law in 2013, we are now super proud to be able to offer same sex marriages here on site. Ceremonies can take place both inside or outside.

Where did Pride Month come from?

50 years ago the famous 'Stonewall Riots' took place in the US. These riots began after the community felt harassed by the police in NYC. News of these riots spread across the globe, and a month later the first ever openly gay march occurred in New York, the UK followed suit and held it's first Pride festival in 1972. The official 'day' was on the 27th of June this year.

''Gay pride was not born out of a need to celebrate being gay, but a right to exist without persecution. Instead of wondering why there isn't a straight pride movement, be thankful you dont need one''.

How can you support Pride month?

Educate yourself - Don't just think you will absorb information from the atmosphere! You need to go and look for it, reading little bits now and then all counts, hopefully you've even learnt a little something from this blog. Often our reservations are actually rooted in our own lack of knowledge.

Stop using stereotypes - Too often people use slang words, or make judgements of each other. Before making such comments, take a moment to really think about what is being said and the meaning behind it. Come on, it's 2022.... we should have moved beyond this by now.

Lead by example - No grand gestures are required, simply being accepting of others is so important. But if you want to do more why not consider attending a rally or march, donating to causes or asking your local community how you can help.

A few local suppliers who are 100% LGBTQ+ inclusive

(Taken from the G-wedding Directory website)

Floristry - Once Upon A Time

Dress to impress - Vow Wedding Gallery

Beauty - Sprinkle Magic

Styling - Hire Societies

Photography - Amy Murphy Photography

Pop your comments below if you know a supplier who is inclusive and let's celebrate them too! Lastly, don't forget to sign up so you dont miss a post...


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