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Embrace the Unexpected: Planning Quirky and Unconventional Weddings

Why you should embrace a quirky wedding...

A bride wearing rainbow-coloured sneakers under her elegant wedding gown, a groom entering the ceremony on a unicycle, and guests dancing down the aisle to a funky beat! This isn't your typical wedding; it's a quirky celebration of love, and here's why you should consider having one...

pink wedding dress pink smoke bomb wedding
Is pink the new white?

Stunning image by Vicki Clayson Photography.

A quirky wedding stands out as a joyful, unforgettable experience. Your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come, not just for the food or the décor, but for the sheer fun and entertainment it provided. Do you love Big Band music, get a big band in. Fancy a Mariatchi band, do it.

bride in blue dress with horse at wedding
Why not have your horse at your wedding?

We love helping couples build their dream day, be creative and design a day which exudes YOUR personalities. You dont have to be totally daring and bold, even small touches and details can really impact the day. Even a pop of coloured light can transform and personalise a space.

More importantly, dont be afraid to create your day, your way.

gothic wedding couple game of thrones theme
Add a theme to the day, from a favourite movie or period in history.

When you are looking for suppliers for your quirky wedding, we suggest spending time really looking for people who specialise in the style you have chosen. One of the most important parts of this is your photographer, you want your images to capture the way your day feels, giving you pictures which will last forever, so dont rush this decision.

There are SO many amazing wedding suppliers now bucking trends and break moulds, lots of them are listed on the Unconvential Wedding Website.

two brides at quirky colourful wedding
Be bold and brave, your only get one day.

Not sure where to start?

Here are some top tips to get your personality into your day...

1. Incorporate photos into the decor. You can use frames, canvases, or even display hanging photos.

2. Use your favorite colours in the decor. This could be in the form of streamers, tablecloths or lighting.

3. Create table settings that include your initials or monograms, bespoke artwork or personal belongings that have meaning to you.

4. Display and include meaningful items that have sentimental value. This could even be a favourite pet!

5. Add quotes or lyrics from favorite songs. You could write it on a chalkboard, have it printed onto fabric or even made into neon lights.

6. Incorporate hobbies and interests. This could be in the form of a dressing up accessories for the dancefloor or even having an alternative choice of drinks for the toasts.

Share your creative ideas with us and help others have a dream day.
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